About Us

About Us: The Essence of Ira Lysa

Embrace Your Unique Story with Ira Lysa

Rooted in the vibrant energy of New York, Ira Lysa unfolds the vision of Ukrainian-American designer Iryna Lysa, crafting fashion that celebrates the multifaceted essence of women. Our collections are thoughtfully designed for those who love to mix and match, for those who treasure classic beauty, and for those who dare to set trends.

Artisanal Quality, American Pride

At Ira Lysa, we believe in the power of handcrafted excellence. Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously brought to life by skilled artisans right here in the USA. We take pride in our commitment to local craftsmanship, ensuring each garment is a masterpiece of quality and style.

Sustainable Luxury, Timeless Appeal

Our philosophy is simple: fashion should be timeless, not transient. Ira Lysa stands for sustainable luxury, creating pieces that transcend seasons and trends. We offer a wardrobe that is as sustainable as it is stylish, inviting you to cherish and re-wear your Ira Lysa favorites year after year.

A Tapestry of Style and Comfort

Uniting Comfort and Elegance. Our mission is to blend the luxurious with the practical, the avant-garde with the simplistic. Each collection is an ode to the modern woman, providing versatile fashion that graces every day out, every workday, every festive night, and every moment in between.

A Personal Touch for Every Woman

Understanding that each woman is an individual, Ira Lysa celebrates this through personalized fashion. Every fabric choice, cut, and design is imbued with personality, tailored to reflect your unique character and story. Our goal is to empower you to express your individuality with confidence and elegance.

Join Our Fashion Family

Step into the world of Ira Lysa and join a family legacy that cherishes the personal connection between the creator and the wearer. Experience the joy of finding your perfect fit, the piece that feels as if it was made just for you, because at Ira Lysa, it is.

Your style, your story. Experience the world of Ira Lysa! 

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